2017 Dodge Dakota will hold the manufacturer’s attitude in its class

The Dodge has planned to reintroduce its pickup truck with 2017 Dodge Dakota to recapture its market. Perhaps, Dodge Dakota had been discontinued in 2011, where its final two production year models were named as Ram Dakota. In 2000, a version of Dakota was shown in the North American Truck of the Year, and it was nominated for the same. Several rumors have been found related to the reintroduction of 2017 Dakota.

2017 Dodge Dakota

2017 Dodge Dakota: Platform

Rumors have told that 2017 Dodge Dakota will come with a cut in much of its weight from the previous edition. The improvement will be possible with usage of new light-weight platform which has been said to be unibody construction. If this scenario turn out to be true the model will be capable to deliver SUV-like driving dynamics and improved efficiency.


According to reports, the new Dakota will grab one’s attention with its bold and modernized look. It will include the high-held front grille with prominent headlight placement just below the hood. The redesigned headlights, taillights and foglights will come with advancement in LED technology. One can see its foglights at both ends of the redesigned front bumper. The model will be offered in four door body style.

Interior Comfort and features:

Interior is expected to follow the form of SUV’s. So, higher comfort than it traditional trucks and raft of available features will bring this model inline with modern market trends. High-quality materials even in base versions and soft-touch surfaces together with other convenience like heated and power-adjustable seats, automatic climate control, and leather upholstery will be available.

There will also be the latest brand’s infotainment system with smartphone integration, navigation, satellite radio and more. The safety will be lifted on the next level compared with the last version with modern driver aids which will be available in higher-spec versions.

2017 Dodge Dakota

2017 Dodge Dakota: Powertrain

Details about possible engine options are limited. However, differently from the last version which has V-8 engine in offer, the new 2017 Dodge Dakota is expected to get downsized and more fuel efficient units.

It might offer a 2.4 liter naturally aspirated four-cylinder engine as the base version while optional might be more powerful V-6 displacement. A new nine-speed automatic transmission should be available and model will come standard with two-wheel drive while optional will be all-wheel drive system.

2017 Dodge Dakota: Rivals, Price

With the ability to conquer in the upcoming market, 2017 Dodge Dakota will have to face some competitors from other manufacturers. They will include mid-size versions from manufacturers like Nissan, Honda, Toyota, etc.

Well, the price of 2017 Dakota still remains in the manufacturer’s hub. It is uncertain what the starting price would be. According to certain opinions, it has been estimated to get a starting price around $18,000. These people have also predicted that new Dakota will get a release in early 2017. It will be interesting to see what would happen in the near future.

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