2017 Mercedes SLK rebrands itself as SLC class

It was reported in early 2016 that Mercedes is looking to reinvent their flagship SLK class vehicles for its 20th anniversary as a 2017 model. They recently announced that the SLK class will be replaced in its current model, by a SLC class compact roadster – originally named as 2017 Mercedes SLK.

What has been changed?

The new model has been rebranded as 2017 Mercedes Benz SLC, but it follows the exact same build and design that previous SLK models had. Being a refreshed model, various changes have been made to its performance and design specs, but the spirit of old SLK cars remains alive in this new model as well.

2017 Mercedes SLK

2017 Mercedes SLK: Performance and Engine

The new 2017 Mercedes SLK will offer 2 separate variants of its SLC model. These separate trims vary in their engine specs and certain designing aspects. Available are SLC300 and AMG SLC43.

The entry level SLC 300 bears strong resemblance to earlier generations’ SLK 300. It is packed with a 2.0 LITER 4 inline cylinder turbo charged engine, which can produce a max power of 241 HP, as well as deliver 273 pound-feet of torque. It is paired with a speed automatic transmission and rear-wheel drive is standard. Its acceleration stands at 0-60 MPH in just 5.7 seconds. The engine uses start/stop technology for better which stands at 27 mpg combined.

As for the AMG SLC 43 version, it will come with a 3.0 LITER V6 cylinder Bi Turbo engine that can produce a max power of 362 HP, as well as generate around 384 pound-feet of max torque. It gets AMG version of nine-speed transmission. Its acceleration is better than the entry level SLC 300, arriving 0-60 MPH in 4.6 seconds and fuel economy is rated at 23 mpg combined.

Special AMG version:

With this higher tier model of Mercedes SLK, you can certainly expect an optional Handling package from Mercedes. This includes an additional front and rear suspension setup, along with a mechanical limited slip differential for better performance and various steering. On the other hand both versions benefits from Dynamic Select system which has five modes.

2017 Mercedes SLK

Design Changes of 2017 Mercedes SLK

As far as the design and style of the 2017 Mercedes SLK goes, there is slight improvement when compared to its SLK counterparts. The roadster version of this vehicle seems effortless in its design – it even feels much smoother and more precise than earlier SLK models.

Exterior changes bring it inline with brand’s current design philosophy. It includes a slightly lowered front bumper design wit larger air intakes, along with an elongated front fascia to improve the overall aerodynamics of this car. It also gets reworked headlights and grille finished in black or with chrome finish in other version. Taillights are also slimmer and with LED technology.

Interior isn’t large departure from the SLK version yet it gets new steering wheel and upgraded 7 inch screen display. Materials and finishes are great and it looks and feels expensive inside.  The model also offers the Airscarf system which through vents integrated in the seats blows warm air directed to passenger’s and driver’s neck.

2017 Mercedes SLK

2017 Mercedes SLK: Price

There has not been any information regarding the pricing 2017 Mercedes SLK. However, it is very likely that the entry level SLC 300 model will stay competitive in pricing with its rivals with price close to $48, 000. The exact figures will be released soon.

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