2018 Ford Endeavour: Specs, Price and Release Date

This is one of the leading SUVs in some markets outside the American for the last few years. In some markets, it is also known as the Ford Everest while as the Endeavour is available in the Indian market. Ford looks to make sure they top the sales sheets with this new upcoming 2018 Ford Endeavour. With the crude oil prices likely to stay low over the coming periods of time, SUVs have picked up once again. The American automaker is rumored to release a modified Ford Endeavour to ride the trend.

2018 Ford Endeavour

2018 Ford Endeavour: Exterior modifications

Ford is expected to make 2018 Ford Endeavour look edgier and smarter than before. A trapezoidal chrome grille design is one of the first elements which is easily noticeable. Front bumpers are expected to have a slightly different design along with redesigned air intakes.

A more robust contoured headlamp cluster is expected to go with the flashy grille design. And the tell-tale hood will have an enhanced contour to it. Expectations are that Ford will ditch the curved boxy look from the side to a more new-gen edgy shape.

Muscular wheel arches and stronger body-lines will lead to a more aggressive appearance. There are no specific information or images to go by as far rear-end design is concerned. But that it will mirror this new models’ overall design language is more or less obvious.

Interior Modifications

A traditional 7-seater big SUV like this is expected to score high on both luxury and in-cabin tech. This vehicle still has a long way to go before hitting the assembly lines so there is very little worthwhile info especially to the interiors.

But from what industry experts’ say, Ford will look to make sure that it ticks all the boxes in this department to ensure top sales spots. Expectations are that some trim-specific luxury specs such as leather steering and accents, on-dash multi-info screen, power adjustable driver and passenger seats etc. will be made available from the base variant.

Expectations are that this car will score segment-high scores when it comes to infotainment and other driver assist techs. Ford will look to go on par with leading SUV brands such as Toyota which have wooed customers with its array of techs.

2018 Ford Endeavour

2018 Ford Endeavour Powertrain

The 2018 Ford Endeavour should come with 2 turbo diesel engine options. The 2.2-liter TDCi Inline 4 diesel will be capable of producing around 160 hp and torque of 385 Nm. For the more power a 3.2-liter Inline 4 TDCi diesel engine will be available. It will produce around 200 hp and torque of 470 Nm.

Both these engines will come with a 6-speed manual and automatic transmissions. This model is known for its torque-ish performance, especially with a nifty city drive. It will also offer competitive mileage and comfortable ride.

The model will also feature advanced four-wheel drive system with torque on demand. The system can send torque between the front and rear wheels which have the most grip in order to provide the best traction for the off-road ride. Even, if the only one wheel has traction the system will send all the torque to that wheel.

There will also be Electric Power Assist steering which will adapt the steering response to speed and road conditions.

2018 Ford Endeavour: Pricing and Release Date

The pricing is most likely to be just a notch above the current running prices. The reason is that this upcoming 2018 Ford Endeavour is rumored to bring quite a few modifications with it. All-in-all, this 2018 Endeavour easily scores high on paper and is one of the most expected upgraded SUVs in the market. It should arrive in late 2017 or early 2018.

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