2018 Hyundai Ioniq: Performance, Design, Price

The 2018 Hyundai Ioniq doesn’t differ too much from the 2017 model. Moreover, aside of one more powertrain, the car gets almost nothing new. Still, together with an all-new new plug-in hybrid, the vehicle now offers every single green engine. Okay, there is to fuel-cell version, but you can choose between hybrid, plug-in hybrid and all-electric Ioniq. Now, it’s fair to say that the current green-car market offers far better models (especially electric cars), yet with its starting price of around $23,000, Hyundai’s five-door hatchback is one of the most accessible models offered at the moment.

2018 Hyundai Ioniq

2018 Hyundai Ioniq: Powertrains

Let’s start with the Hybrid, shall we? The 2018 Ioniq without a plug uses a direct-injected 1.6-liter 4-cylinder engine and a single electric motor, while a six-speed automatic transmission sits in the middle and sends power to the front wheels only. Altogether, the powertrain delivers 139 horsepower, which isn’t too much when we know that the electric motor delivers 43 hp by itself. The amazing hatch doesn’t waste its energy at all. Instead, the engine’s overrun energy and energy from regenerative braking feed a 1.6-kilowatt-hour lithium-ion battery, which is positioned under the rear seats.

As for the 2018 Hyundai Ioniq EV, it draws its power from a 28-kWh battery pack powering an electric motor, which delivers up to 120 horsepower. With a rating of 136 MPGe, the all-electric hatchback is capable to cross around 124 miles on a single charge.

The newest 2018 Hyundai Ioniq Plug-in Hybrid uses a 104-hp 1.6-liter Atkinson-cycle inline-four just like the Hybrid. However, it’s mated to a more powerful 60-hp electric motor and a larger 8.9-kWh battery pack. This way, the hatchback achieves 27 miles of all-electric range, but only when you hold car’s top speed below 70 mph.

Design and Features

When we talk about exterior styling, we have to mention that the 2018 Hyundai Ioniq offers three different designs, one for each version. However the differences are minor, so we can say that all models feature the same dynamic design with an aggressive front end. Inside, the vehicle looks quite handsome and provides enough space for all five passengers. Well, okay it’s not too cozy in the rear, but the volume is pretty good for a subcompact. Pretty much everything is controlled by a 7.0-inch touchscreen, including Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. However, you can upgrade the car with a larger 8.0-inch touchscreen and built-in navigation. Plus, you can add the exciting eight-speaker Infinity premium audio system.

2018 Hyundai Ioniq interior

Pricing Information

Like we said, you will have to have $23,035 for the Hybrid. On the other hand, the 2018 Hyundai Ioniq Ev is priced $30,335, while the plug-in isn’t priced yet, but we think it’s going to start from $25,000.

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