2018 Tesla Model Y: New compact crossover SUV, Specs

Tesla Company is in the news these days. This manufacturer of electric cars is working hard on long-awaited Tesla Model 3. This four-door five-passenger sedan won’t go to production until late 2017 but company has already taking deposits for this model. But despite that this model promises great success things in auto industry are changing fast. Namely, the sales of passenger cars decline for a while and recent reports suggest that they fell over 12 percent in last months. On the other hand the sales of trucks and SUVs jumped for 2 percent. That is why many automakers are moving its focus toward crossovers and SUVs. In that context, it seems that Tesla is also planning to offer new crossover SUV model. It is still unofficial but it should be called 2018 Tesla Model Y.

What it is:

So, the new model from the Tesla Company should be called Model Y and classified as the crossover SUV. Reports suggest that this model will sit on the same platform as mentioned Model 3 sedan. Elon Musk Tesla’s CEO also hinted that this vehicle will feature attractive Falcon Wing doors’ deign. Nice but why Tesla would launch another SUV after the Model X. The answer is simple. The Model X is $100k car and limited amount of buyers can afford this vehicle. Therefore the company wants to offer more affordable and compact SUV which will be affordable for wider range of buyers. What is more Tesla also promises to offer new pickup truck and minibus by the end of the decade.

2018 Tesla Model Y

2018 Tesla Model Y: Design

As we mentioned earlier the new 2018 Tesla Model Y will exploit the same platform as the Model 3 sedan and therefore it should share electric powertrains and technology with this and other Tesla models. However, when it comes to its styling we don’t have clear picture yet.

On the other hand, it is natural to expect some similarities with larger Model X. The model will be smaller but will share some brand’s signature elements with the rest of the lineup. Up front it will include skinny brand’s grille and narrow headlights. It should also feature sharp lines and sloping roof line similar as the Model X. What is also possible, this model could also feature Falcon Wing doors.


Like with its styling we can only speculate about its interior design. However we won’t make mistake if say that model will feature similar interior as the other Tesla models. One thing is sure; it will include uncluttered dash design with huge center screen. There will also be cheaper variants with lower material quality and more luxurious options.

The model will also have less leg and head room that larger Model X but will be comfortable and will offer generous cargo space.

2018 Tesla Model Y

2018 Tesla Model Y: Performance

Powering the 2018 Tesla Model Y will be the same technology as on other brand’s models. It will be capable for strong acceleration and long driving range. However, technology evolves and we don’t know what mileage this model will be capable to cover. With current battery capacities the Model X can cover 237 miles or 257 miles in more powerful variant. However, Model Y will be lighter and improved technology would surely provide better range for this model.

2018 Tesla Model Y: Arrival, Price

2018 Tesla Model Y should come soon after the Model 3. It is hard to predict its price but it will be much more affordable than larger Model X. However, when it arrives the model will be faced with many rivals. GM promises new electric Bolt crossover. There are also Audi and Hyundai that should launch their electric SUVs by 2018. What’s more Volvo and VW have their plans for all-electric SUVs by the end of decade.

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