2018 Toyota Supra: Latest News and Updates from Spy Photos and Inside Sources

For a production model which was last produced in 2002, 2018 Toyota Supra is as big news for specific USA buyers as any other. Supra defined a generation of American performance vehicles and this is as true as it can be. This vehicle took the mettle away from muscle cars and won its own creed of fans.

As a matter fact, it’s nearly impossible to find a Supra without a modification in it. This as close to a modern age legend as one can have. And there’s just too much evidence, proper evidence that a 2018 Supra is well on the cards.

2018 Toyota Supra

2018 Toyota Supra: Breaking down the Spy Images

Anyone can find spy shots of a test mule most likely to be the upcoming model with a Supra badge on it. And to do way to with suspicions and confusion right from the start of things, a Toyota Supra 2018 is NOT the FT-1 concept which Toyota has showcased with much aplomb.

But a Supra reborn will have quite a few exterior features from the concept model. It’s going to sit above Toyota’s GT86 which is a real-fun drive. Toyota will concentrate on the same characteristic – drive-ability and driver experience over sheer power. But this upcoming Supra will have quite a beast inside.

Coming back to the exterior features, a grille section is immediately noticeable as being borrowed from the Toyota FT-1. But the headlamps will be more production model-like instead of sporting the FT-1’s extremely futuristic triple LED cluster design.

As far as body-shape is concerned, 2018 Toyota Supra will be 2-seater and sport that strong performance car stance. A chunk of muscle from sides with a long hood and an abrupt beefed up rear end – this car is a class apart. Rear end shape is chic and means business with its chunky flat contours.

From up front, the air intakes mix in curves with sharp edges. And this is just the design language which Toyota will resort to for upcoming models. Thing is, this upcoming Supra is a joint initiative between Toyota and BMW which also includes a BMW Z4 in the near future. BMW has shared the chassis, a Z4 chassis for this upcoming Supra.

2018 Toyota Supra

2018 Toyota Supra Engine Specs

As mentioned before, a new Supra is as big news as the American automobile can make. And there are quite a few buyers who are ready for the price-tag which this model will carry before even going through the spec sheets. Simply, all Toyota has to do is make this model worth it.

Under the hood, this upcoming 2018 Toyota Supra will have to offer three engine options which will also be found in the new BMW Z4. The 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder will power entry-level versions. It will be available in different levels of power. Expect these engines to be somewhere between 191 hp and reaching 252 hp.

For more power and more exciting drive, the automaker will offer a straight-six engine. It will provide around 340 hp and torque of 450 Nm.

How to buy a 2018 Toyota Supra?

Briefly, to be priced somewhere around $40,000 with top trims coming along with added performance techs to come in at around $55,000. To be released late in 2018, there’s not much which can compete with a 2018 Toyota Supra. Time will tell the rest.

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