Cadillac Escala Concept

At the 2016 Los Angeles Motor Show, the well-known American automaker has seen the opportunity to present the absolutely stunning Cadillac Escala Concept. At first glance, this four-door sedan will be a combination of elegancy, power and luxury.

The Cadillac Company has just unveiled the CT6 model which represents its most luxurious, expensive and the biggest sedan. However, somehow we have been always hoping to see even more massive and more luxurious vehicle from this company which will represent the flagship model. So, the expectations finally came true.

This model may not present a futuristic design or its general shape might not be significantly different than the rest of the lineup. However, the car maker has focused on details which might become brand. All in all, the Cadillac Escala is going to be very attractive and we believe very popular if it ever goes to production. This large sedan will compete against BMW 7-Series and Mercedes-Benz S-Class.

Cadillac Escala Concept front

Cadillac Escala Concept expected powertrain

Not only tat it is going to be the largest model in the class, but new Cadillac should be the most powerful too. The slightly smaller CT6 uses a 3.0-liter twin-turbo engine which is able to make 404 horses. So, the Escala model will most likely receive a stronger unit. It is a 4.2-liter V-8 twin-turbocharged engine. This one should be able to develop around 500 horses. Unfortunately, for now, this is all the information we have about the new Cadillac`s drivetrain.

Design of exterior and interior

The Cadillac Escala Concept rides on the Omega platform which also underpinns the Cadillac CT6. However, the Escala will be generally larger than the CT6;  it is longer for 6.5 inches. The whole body is made of lightweight materials such as aluminum, carbon fiber and fiberglass.

When it comes to exterior, we must say that the new Cadillac Escala Concept will be a mixture of brand`s well-known design and and its future design language. Its overall shape will be sharper and very elegant. Escala features wide, powerful and muscular body design. The front end will get the brand`s recognizable iconic mesh grille which will be very wide. The headlamps will be made of materials based on carbon. They are very slim and equipped with LED technology. The daytime running lights will be in a shape of `L`.  On the rear end, we will notice LED tail lamps in a shape of boomerang. The new Escala will ride on 22-inch wheels which will look very attractive.

Cadillac Escala Concept cabin

Inside, the Cadillac Escala Concept is very spacious, elegant and luxurious. The Automaker has used wool fabrics to cover the seats instead of leather. The cloth trim also appears on the dashboard (in a combination with leather) and the doors. The dashboard will receive a new OLED touchscreen with many functions. Furthermore, the cabin will get some nice wood accents for premium looks.

Cadillac Escala Concept rear

Release date and price

The Cadillac Escala Concept has already made its world`s premiere. However, we still don`t know if and when it is going to be set for production. The price of this luxury sedan is unavailable at the moment.

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